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Why we do what we do.
Tatoosh Range
Tattosh Range of Washington: Credits to Wikimedia Commons

With persistent diminishing government support, America’s national parks and historical sites have entered a state of breakdown. Park budgets have been undernourished now for decades and the situation seems to be gathering momentum. Unbeknownst to most Americans, this state of affairs will very likely widen for future generations.

That is why your support is needed today to help with the funding of the future of our treasured National Parks.

Dwindling Funds

For over a generation, our national park system has been on a shoestring budget. Although visits to parks have risen 40 percent over the last 20 years with over 300 million park visits in 2015 alone -- financial backing for resource preservation, visitor services, research, public safety, and other aspects of park operations remains precariously low.

According to preliminary analysis done by the National Parks Conservation Association, the Park Service still needs more than $500 million in additional operating dollars every year. This is not a situation that will just go away.

Where National Parks Fund comes in

We don't accept donations ourselves, and only help spread the word for other foundations.

Where to Donate

You can donate to help the National Parks of the US (listed first below) and Canada (listed second below) in the links and more information listed. Usually, you can donate to the official US National Park Service or Parks Canada, and this is the most effective way, since it is going directly to who needs the absolute most money. If you are specifically passionate about one national park, you can donate to special, individual organizations that are involved (Friend Groups, etc.).

Donate to US National Parks

You can donate to the National Parks Service (NPS) either through the internet or through going directly to one of the parks. Since it's a non-profit organization, the donation is tax deductible. This is a easy, basic, and most of all - affordable way to help the National Parks of the United States of America. In the recent 20 years or so, Friend Groups, which operate that work specifically on helping one National Park, have begun popping up. They are independent of the NPS, and are more grassroots. Most are also non-profit. For a directory of friend groups, click here.

Donate to Canadian National Parks

You can donate to CPAWS, which is a private organization that is like a National Park Friend Group. Because we do not live in Canada (NPF is based in the US), you will need to investigate for yourselves if you are donating to Canadian National Parks.

Contact Us

Please contact us by sending an email to info@nationalparksfund.org